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2695 Patterson Road Ste 2-83
Grand Junction, CO 81506

Who We Are

Acts of Grace Foundation is here to serve moms on ante partum units in hospitals. We serve moms through small, simple acts. These simple acts consist of a floral deliveries, crafts to create, providing toiletry items, goody bags, interaction with other high-risk moms through activity nights, gas cards and meal vouchers to families. Our hope is to make these moms more comfortable and ease the confinement during their hospital stay by providing them with these simple acts of grace.

Pregnancy is known to be a miraculous journey in a woman's life. During this period, one will experience joy and hope when planning for a new life. Not every woman experiences a "normal" pregnancy. Some women and their families experience complications severe enough to place them on hospital bed rest. In certain situations, hospital bedrest can be ordered for the duration of the pregnancy. The journey now becomes one of disbelief as a mom deals with days, weeks, sometimes months of confinement in a hospital room. In addition to common new-mom anticipation, a mom must also learn to deal with the fears associated with a complicated pregnancy. These fears can possibly consist of transferring to a hospital away from her support network, assignment of a new doctor, a preterm infant, a very ill newborn and the risk of the mom's own health. A mom and her family may also have to learn to cope with financial strain, the loss of employment, care for her other children, new medications along with side effects and various other stresses of daily living.